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25 05 2012
Universal PWC Cooler and Fishing Rack
The Best PWC Cooler and Fishing Rack on the Market Today !!

The Best PWC Cooler and Fishing Rack on the Market Today……. Only $185.00 plus shipping an Introductory Offer


Kool PWC Stuff has the answer to the most common complaint that JetSki and Waverunner owners have today. The most requested JetSki accessories today is how do we carry a decent size JetSki cooler for our personal watercraft? We have the answer, Our JetSki Coolers and JetSki Fishing Racks allow you to carry a 48-54 quart cooler for your food, drinks for the day or for those fisherman you can throw you daily catch to eat later. This is the most useful JetSki Accessory on the maket today.

Jetski accessories are important to making your day on the water a great experience and our Jetski Cooler and fishing rack is one of the best Jetski accessories you can buy to make that happen. Not only can you carry your beer, soda’s , food you can also carry three 5 gallon gas containers for those long trips or a long day at the beach as well.

Our JetSki Cooler Racks and Jetski Fishing Racks are a sturdy universal adjustable design that installs in less one minute so you can enjoy the water faster. It also is so universal that many accessories can be added such as rod holders, knife rack, cutting boards for those who are enjoying the fishing experience from your Sea Doo or Jetski. We have even had some or customers add waterproof speakers for jamming on the water.

Our JetSki Cooler and Jetski Fishing Rack are of made of stainless steel marine grade with adjustable legs to fit any surface your JetSki deck may have. All you need is enough room for the legs to fit on your platform and 3 eye hooks, one of them needs to be under the rear of the seat and 2 of them on the rear of your JetSki. If you do not have hooks on the rear of the JetSki it will connect to the hull lip.

If you are the fisherman this JetSki Cooler Rack and JetSki Fishing Rack provides easily added accessories such as rod holders, cutting boards and knife holder’s  necessary needed to fish effectively the back country, lakes or the even the big water using any Jetski or Waverunner manufacturers such as Sea Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris and Honda for any year made. If you like to move around to fish a Jetski is a great way to fish and move around with ease.

Our Jet Ski Cooler and JetSki Fishing Rack  patent pending design is a very simple but very stable for all types of all water conditions; in addition the installation is simple and fast. The JetSki Cooler rack and JetSki Fishing Rack  installs in less than one minute. New Colors Now Available…. Black, Yellow or Custom… You Tell Us….

Jetski Fishing

You Pick the Rack… Add as Many Rod Holders as Want

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   Our PWC-Jet Ski Cooler Rack uses include:

  • ·         Universal Design for older to the newest Jetski’s and Waverunners
  • ·         Fits on any year made with any manufacturer
  • ·         Fits on Sea doo, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki
  • ·         PWC Fishing cooler rack and rod holders
  • ·         Jetski Rack for fishing with many accessories
  • ·         PWC Cooler Rack made for the beach
  • ·         JetSki Cooler Rack made for the lake
  • ·         PWC  Custom Accessories

Finally a way to take your Sea Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Honda Watercraft out for the day with all the food and refreshments with ease and comfort for any type of water condition.  Do not wait any longer, order one today and enjoy what you have missed for years that the boaters have been able to enjoy.

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*** Patent Pending Design